Goin' Down the River - Hard Back

Goin' Down the River - Hard Back
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“Goin’ Down the River – Fish Camps of the Sea Islands” – is 128 pages that capture the essence of a very old, generational tradition. The book, with 198 photos, stories and history, takes you on a journey to some of the most unique places in South Carolina. For anyone who has a kinship to the Lowcountry and the Sea Islands, Janet Garrity’s book is a treasure to own.

The book’s Foreword was authored by Beaufort, SC native Gibbes McDowell, who was Garrity’s guide through the winding creeks and rivers where fish camps are located. The Introduction outlines the history of “goin’ down the river,” beginning with Native Americans, to plantation owners, to post Civil War “marooning” on the outer islands, to the modern day escape to “the camp,” which has become a tradition for generations in the part of the world known as the Sea Islands. With the story of fish camps in your mind, the adventure begins through this first ever published book about fish camps.

Garrity’s color and black and white photos capture the spirit of “goin’ down the river” and show the assorted shapes and characters of the camps and the environment in which they exist. The addition of moving quotes, humorous stories, and old photos enrich the experience of reading this beautiful book.

"Goin' Down the River, Fish Camps of the Sea Islands" is a treasure to own and a joy to give.

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